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If you wish to massively accelerate your business success in our turbulent world while you also improve your health, happiness and lifestyle, then…


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A Personal Message From 
Robin sharma


Leadership missionary
+ humanitarian
These are times of exponential change, volatility and uncertainty.

And, unfortunately, they will get worse before we arrive at a time when they get better.

Mass health issues, unparalleled unemployment, wholesale bankruptcies and entire industries being wiped out.

For those who are unaware of the methods the best in business use for personal mastery and entrepreneurial victory, these will be devastatingly painful times. 

Yet, for the few who are willing to learn and then apply the Mindsets, Heartsets, routines, rituals and systems that the true titans of commerce all live by, the period ahead will be immensely rewarding.

My sense is that the economic chaos will last at least 24 months. And then we’ll go into a major restructuring period that will last a number of years.

If you are willing to study and then implement how the elite performers who turn difficulty into mastery do it, you will actually make the next two years the most successful season of your life yet.

Actually, if you learn a whole new way to think, create, produce, lead, live and serve, you’ll realize that we will never have a time of this much opportunity again for another 100 years.

This is a bad time for people behaving as victims.

And this is a glorious time for people willing to become heroes.


I’ve been doing many livestreams, free reports and blog posts in a passionate effort to help as many people as possible learn to fortify their hope and stand strong in these confusing and exhausting times.

Many people have been asking [pleading] with me to put together an online learning program for more advanced entrepreneurs and business-builders who are serious about significantly growing their ventures in these messy times.

Recently I’ve also been getting a massive amount of requests to offer a digital course teaching the strategies and systems I teach to the billionaires I mentor about how to stay positive in stressful periods, activate heroic productivity when things get tough and protect the confidence to get big things done when everyone else is super scared. 

So here’s what I did…

First, I asked myself this question:

If I could offer entrepreneurs and empire-makers my most valuable insights and information to help them massively accelerate their business success in our turbulent world while they also improved their health, happiness and lifestyles, what elements would I focus on?
I used the lockdown time [while sheltering-in-place with my family] as an incubation period of deep focus to review and compile the “game charts”, morning routines, prosperity frameworks and lifestyle elevation processes that I’ve taught to the billionaires, titans of industry and elite performers I’ve mentored for over 24 years…

...and here is the model I developed.
Then I handcrafted the MOST ADVANCED and HIGHEST IMPACT information into a truly revolutionary online membership course for empire-builders and world-changers that covered each of the key elements of the framework above.
...In other words, I decided to share my entire playbook that I’d previously only offered to my ultra-famous clients, so that you will x25 the rest of your pro and private life.

...I named it The Top 5% Business Accelerator. It’s the best program I’ve ever made, by far [and I would never say that lightly], specifically designed for self-transformation and business optimization.

My team and I have decided to make a limited amount of memberships available by application only.
  • So go ahead and apply for the one of the small number of seats remaining for The Top 5% Business Accelerator before you miss this rare opportunity.

After Completing This World-Class Digital Program You Can Expect

The Benefits

  • To x5 your personal confidence and business inspiration in hard times.
  • To know how that world’s most successful and wealthy empire-makers leverage adversity to x100 their business.
  • To discover the strategies and daily tactics to activate “Heroic Productivity” so you maximize your genius in turbulent periods.
  • To dramatically accelerate the growth of your firm, your bottom line + your impact.

The Rewards

  • A truly world-class business that wins in volatile and calm times.
  • Massive gains in the mastery of your craft, number of consumers of your work and service to society.
  • The rare ability to maximize your impact, build a true movement yet enjoy your life as never before.
  • The genuine freedom to do anything you want to do, with anyone you wish to do it with – anywhere in the world. This is true wealth.

I can tell you that the content you’ll be exposed to when you invest in this program is at the highest-level available in the world. And absolutely first-rate.

There is nothing quite like this available anywhere for entrepreneurs and human beings set to multiply their income, influence, performance and service to society. ... 

Nowhere else in the world will you learn:

The World-Class Life Blueprint

[I taught this one to the billionaires I’ve mentored and I’ve decided to take it out of my personal archives and share it in The Top 5% Business Accelerator; learning this one model is worth the price of admission].

The Million Dollar Weekend Strategy

that has helped attendees of my live events make many millions of dollars within a 30-hour period.

The Million Dollar Weekend Strategy

[an absolutely mind-altering way to achieve domain dominance so you experience lifestyle freedom at the highest level].

The Troll Deconstruction

[a calibrated process to bulletproof your hope and energy from toxic people and actually exploit their criticism to make you faster, stronger and better].

The Trinity of Vitality Decode

[a framework that walks you through a precise process to double your energy and extend your longevity based on little-known biohacking methodology].
  • So go ahead and apply for the one of the small number of seats remaining for The Top 5% Business Accelerator before you miss this rare opportunity.


Please note…

—This world-class membership is NOT for you if you’re more concerned about the cost of the program than the priceless value you’ll receive.

—this world-class membership is NOT for you if you’re happy with the status quo and scared of making quantum leaps in your performance, prosperity and personal lifestyle.

—this world-class membership is NOT for you if you’re not open to networking and masterminding with billionaires, elite entrepreneurs and some of the most fascinating and successful people on the planet.

—this world-class membership is NOT for you if you’re not on fire to make our world a safer, healthier and more loving place.

Now, I need to be clear: all this remarkable knowledge is not worth anything to people who are are dabblers, cynics and “tire kickers” who are not serious about learning world-class information that will help you rise to the Top 5% in your field.


If you’re a serious entrepreneur who understands the extraordinary value of learning and education as a means to remake yourself into a wiser, stronger, faster and more agile performer while significantly growing your business in a time of acute crisis, then this digital program will be life-changing for you.

And absolutely priceless.

Because remember: average performers find excuses and resist the cost while ultra-producers “say yes more often” and always focus on the return on value from their investment. ...

There is NO investment you can make that will deliver more wow than investing in mastering yourself [and learning how to fully express your gifts and talents—this is the DNA of world-class]. 

...I recently masterminded with a friend from Eastern Europe who shared that Richard Branson told him that his number one success strategy was that “he says yes x10 more than most people.” 

 ...Think about that insight….and I strongly encourage you to get off the fence and apply for the membership so that you can truly rise into the heroic nature that is your destiny… 

So do what all empire-makers do and release all excuses, get off the fence and apply up your membership into one of the world’s finest online programs to maximize your performance and grow your business in difficult times. 

This is your time. You can rise above the mess. You can thrive and win and serve during this period of crises. I’m here to help. 

You just need to believe in yourself. And then start the process. 

With much respect + vast encouraging, 

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